Meet Dr. Pedro Albisu

I love being a dentist and can’t imagine a more fulfilling profession. Every interaction is an opportunity to improve that person’s day, their oral and overall health, and their quality of life. I want patients to know I care about them as people and seek to get to know who each is.

When I meet a new patient, my first desire is to learn a bit about who they are. Yes, I am concerned about their dental health and desires, but I also want to hear about their life and world. Dentistry allows me to be part of many lives, and each conversation is a chance to broaden my knowledge and hopefully improve theirs. I savor those connections and the friendships we grow.

I am happy to work with my hands, combining experience and skills to create beautiful, healthy smiles that function well and give people the confidence to enjoy life.

Seminole Shores Dental Care

My team is the bedrock of the practice. They truly care about our patients and are attentive to each person’s comfort and responsive to their needs; and they provide exceptional customer and clinical care.

Our practice slogan is, “Our passion is your care,” and you’ll experience that with every visit. We want to make sure you have pain- and stress-free visits and look forward to coming back. We strive to ensure you feel cared for, listened to, respected, and in control.

Education and Continuing Education

I want to provide the best quality of dentistry and to deliver that under one roof. Comprehensive care means patients don’t have to worry about coordinating treatment between our office and others, stress over getting to know new people or fret about paperwork. Therefore, it’s essential for me to be current and experienced in a wide array of dental processes.

Each year I complete many hours of continuing, postgraduate dental education. I’ve studied dental implants, endodontics (root canals), lasers, and oral surgery. I’ve also completed courses in orthodontics and occlusion, 3D printing and x-rays, Invisalign®, and Botox® and dermal fillers.

Professional Memberships

Beyond the Practice

I grew up in Broward, lived in Naples for a while after dental school, and now live in the Seminole area. Outside the office, I enjoy time with family and friends, especially if we’re doing something related to water. If I’m able, I’ll happily spend the day kayaking, on the beach, or relaxing out on a sandbar. I also enjoy food and love exploring new-to-me cuisines and restaurants.

Giving Back

I have always enjoyed community service and helping others. I’ve volunteered my professional knowledge through mission trips to places like the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and through local outreach. I also enjoy participating in the “Give Kids a Smile” program. Seminole Shores Dental Care is committed to giving back such as volunteering through the annual "Dentistry From the Heart" event where over 450 patients are treated in a single day for free!