Patient Reviews

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My experiences with Seminole Shores Dental Care has been excellent. The staff is friendly and efficient. The Doctor is knowledgeable, caring and easy to communicate with. He explains things in a way that I understand. The office is comfortable, clean and my appointments are always on time with no waiting. I appreciate the care I receive. - John


My experience at Seminole Shores Dental Care has been and continues to first class. I highly recommend Dr. Pedro Albisu and his extremely professional team. I couldn't be happier with the care I've received at Seminole Shores Dental. Jeff Graves

I actually enjoy going to the dentist! The entire staff is wonderful, sometimes going above and beyond expectations to make every visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible. -Gayle

Our family is very pleased with the professional care received at Seminole Shores Dental Care. Prices are reasonable and there never has been any waiting time to see the hygienist or Dentist. I have recommended this office in the past and will continue in the future to praise the quality of service I and my wife have received. David & Jeanne Lyons


“I went to Dr. Albisu and he is a true ‘painless dentist’! I had two crown preps and a filling removed and replaced. After three hours in the chair, I left feeling like I was treated with great respect and extremely professional care. From the initial anesthesia shots to the placement of the temporary crowns, to the time the anesthesia wore off and even afterward, there was no pain whatsoever! I highly recommend Dr. Albisu to anyone needing dental care.” — Margo G.

“I’m ‘Over the Moon’ with the level of service provided.” – Richard R.

“Excellent — what a friend.” — Nancy L.

“As someone who has been in and out of dentists’ offices my entire life, this is by far the best one I have ever attended. I don’t ever want another dentist ... ever. He is quick, kind, and very efficient. He really knows what he is doing and truly makes me feel secure when he’s working on me. I put off going for years and I had a bad situation, but he really took care of me. It means a lot to me. And huge kudos to the dental assistants, hygienist, and staff. Just a fantastic office all around. I have already referred multiple people. Keep that doctor, he’s the best dentist I’ve ever had ... you don’t want to lose him.... And keep up the good work. Five stars for sure.” — Simone L.

“Amazing, friendly, and caring staff. My son went in for an emergency visit (it was only his second visit to the dentist ever). They were very patient and walked him through everything. So patient and gentle. Our doctor is absolutely amazing!! I love this office and most importantly, my son does too and is not worried about going to the dentist, which IS VERY important at such a young age. I highly recommend them!” — Sonya H.

“My wife just had X-rays and a teeth cleaning, and said she had a good experience here. She has a small mouth and it usually gets all cut up and I have to hear her complain for two days after, so I’m very happy they did a good job. All smiles here.” — Joe and M.

“I am thrilled that I chose this office for my recent dental work, and can’t imagine a better outcome for my situation! I had been putting off going to the dentist for years; I grind my teeth, and was told by another dentist in the past that I’d need extensive work, including root canals on ALL my teeth, which sounded drastic. A few months ago, I knew it was time to act, however, because the wear was getting to be too much.

“I found this office and saw that it had great reviews for having a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Indeed, they are very friendly and welcoming. They’re also very prompt with appointments; in my several visits, I never had to wait more than a couple minutes in the waiting room before being called to the exam chair. I was most nervous for my first visit, however; not only did I not know what work would be needed, but was worried about what the dentist would say about the appearance of my teeth. (They didn’t look that terrible from the outside, but extensive wear was evident, and I’d had hurtful comments made about this by said dentist above in the past.)

“When I first met with Dr. Albisu, not only did he take the time to sit down and learn about my situation, but was incredibly professional and knowledgeable about what we could do to remedy the situation, and gave me a full outline of the proposed treatment plan at the first visit. This included crowning the (eight) teeth with the most wear while shaping the exterior of the others affected. Over the course of the next few visits in getting this work done (taking impressions, getting temporaries, etc.), I became increasingly thrilled with my choice of this office. Dr. Albisu is highly empathetic and continually checks in with you to see how you’re feeling, making any adjustments as needed.

“He is also extremely knowledgeable about how and where Novocain numbs the mouth and is generous in its use. In past experiences, I had actually felt the pain of dental work here and there but didn’t feel a THING during the work because he is so thorough. I also love the fact that he explains what he’s doing at every step and has confident ‘let’s do this!’ attitude, which really quells the anxiety I think a lot of us have about dentistry in general.

“Last, he's a perfectionist, and if something doesn’t work or look just right, he’ll completely redo it. In every action, he seems to do exactly for his patients exactly what he’d want to be done for himself. After the work was completed, I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the result. My only regret is that I wished I’d done this sooner, knowing what I know now. My new teeth fit PERFECTLY, look and feel phenomenal, and are everything I’d dreamed of. Dr. Albisu even determined that I won’t even need as many teeth crowned as he originally thought; he was going to do six more in the coming months, but with the nightguard, he’s making, that won’t be necessary. All told, I can’t recommend this office enough. Definitely give them a call; you’ll be relieved you did!” — Roxanne B.

“I experienced extreme facial pain and into the palate. I was apprehensive, as I am afraid of dental procedures. Dr. Pedro attended me and spoke in an intelligent, down-to-earth, and comforting manner. Even though my fear never left me, I was made to feel a bit special. Each and every need was taken care of. I even accepted a cleaning, which I never do. I absolutely hate this procedure. I was treated well and made comfortable. Oh, YES ... I am happy. Thanks to Dr. Pedro and his fine expert staff.” — Michael J. W.

“My daughter was very happy with our new dentist and his staff. They did a very thorough job with protection from thyroid and body for X-rays, listened to us, allowed me the mom to be in the room with my minor child to ask questions and see what he was talking about.” — Robyn B.

“My seven-year-old daughter just came for her dentist appointment and we were both very satisfied with the staff, the doctor, and the overall experience. I definitely recommend anyone to see them. In fact, I am changing my dentist to come here.” — Wendi L.

“I went into the office with great concerns about a stain that I’ve had for years. Dr. Pedro Albisu and his staff took very good care of me. My concerns and stain were removed. Thank you, Dr. Albisu.” — Shel B.

“I give them five stars: the best. Good staff, friendly and clean. I highly recommend them.” — Maritza M.

“Can’t say enough about how great the staff and Dr. Albisu are. Truly a good experience and most personable. They really do care about the person and not only the patient.” — Cindy A.

“Very impressed. Great staff and doctors. Professional and friendly.” — Kimberly A.